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Google Continues to Improve the Power of Advertising

Yesterday, Google AdWords announced enhanced campaigns. Cutting to the point, Google has added greater advertising targeting ability. Continue reading

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Digital Coupon Campaign Nets wedu Client 27,000 Facebook Likes

We recently concluded a six week digital coupon campaign for American Flatbread Frozen Pizza, a growing brand located in New Hampshire with product distributed throughout the U.S. The campaign resulted in 27,000 Facebook likes and distributed 10,000 coupons to drive their retail activity. Continue reading

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Google Click-to-Call Mobile Advertising: The Modern-day Yellow Pages Advertising

In previous posts, I discussed the mobile explosion that the digital marketing world is in the midst of. With so many consumers using their smartphones to search for and access information, businesses of all sizes are flocking to mobile advertising to reach their target audiences.

Google, the undisputed king of search advertising, has a mobile advertising option, click-to-call, that should be a no-brainer for small-to-medium-sized businesses, but unfortunately many are unaware that this option even exists. Continue reading

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Is Your Company Social?

Is social media a part of your marketing and public relations plan? If not, you are missing out on an opportunity to reach prospective customers in a cost-effective, efficient and highly measurable way. Countless companies are finding that, in this … Continue reading

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