Starting line

Start with the end goals in marketing campaigns

Number 2 of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is “Begin with the end in mind.” What Covey had in mind was something a bit more “big picture” than ad agency projects – after all, he’s talking about … Continue reading

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The Future of Facebook

Facebook has made yet another change to its look and feel. At this point, the largest social networking site in history has undergone more transformations than Madonna. But is the problem with Facebook related to look, feel and functionality, or … Continue reading

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What is that Brand Doing?

In this ever-changing, constantly moving world it has become increasingly difficult for brands to reach the people they most want to talk to –consumers.  But at the same time it has become ever so easy to reach these people, too – socially. … Continue reading

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tradeshow puppets

Look what we discovered today!

These guys were our “stand-ins” at an industry tradeshow a few years ago… Continue reading

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Graph Search is About to Make Facebook Page Likes Important Again

With Facebook’s Graph Search announcement today, we may be about to see a shift back to focusing in on page likes. Graph Search is based on discovering people and brands based on the likes of others… Continue reading

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ces 2013 logo

wedu Creates Graphics for Jabra at 2013 International CES

We’re excited to share this video of the booth graphics that our Marketing and Creative Teams collaborated on for Jabra’s display at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics’ Show (CES). Continue reading

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Chasing Emotions for Commerce and Wealth

You can trace every single business transaction back to an emotion. If you’re in the non-profit world, but still responsible for fundraising, you especially know what this means. Whether you’re an entrepreneur searching for your next big idea, a business owner trying to grow or a marketer responsible for promoting a product or services – pay attention. Continue reading

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