Your Brand’s Social Advertisers & Managers Need to Become BFFs Quickly

If your brand or agency still has your social advertisers and managers siloed, it may be time to think about knocking that wall down. Their (and your) social media advertising success relies on very strong inter-team lines of communication and participation. Continue reading

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3 Steps to Building And Engaging A Community Of Brand Evangelists

With over 850 million people on Facebook, 140 million people Tweeting 140 characters at a time, 8 years of video content uploaded on YouTube every day and 90 million people on Google+, the social media landscape is bigger than ever before. Each of these networks provides any brand unique opportunities to engage with individuals and build a community of brand evangelists. As I’ve experienced, building a community on any social network doesn’t happen overnight and takes effort to build meaningful relationships with those who choose to follow your brand. Continue reading

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