How to Remove Spam Bots from Google Analytics – and Keep ‘em Off!

You’re prepping a website report for management and there it is in brazen glory, a spam entry in your top referral sources. If you’re lucky, it’s one of the more ‘safe-for-work’ spam sources. Common Google Analytics referral source spammers include: … Continue reading

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Nurturing the Undeveloped Market – Customers

How’s your Lead Scoring system working? Oh, you don’t do that yet? Ok. How’s the CRM utilization in your company? I see. Well, that’s too bad because you’re spending a lot of money trying to win new customers when your … Continue reading

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Feeling Good as a Customer from Marketing Automation

In the B2B space, it is oftentimes individuals buying from sales people, not buying from a faceless brand. This represents a challenge for companies. A B2B enterprise typically relies heavily on the sales channel to engage their client and develop the relationship. In B2B marketing, there has been a strong move toward automated marketing platforms. Continue reading

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How To: Create a Backup of Your Entire Facebook Account

Living in the world of social media, we hear it all the time: “Facebook’s always changing things” or “If they mess with the privacy settings again, I’m leaving, and I’m not coming back” or the dreaded “My account got hacked. I can’t handle this any more.”

But most of us – almost all of us – never leave Facebook. Why? It’s simple. Facebook says the average user has 130 friends, most of us active users have more. The thought of losing tabs on all of the people with whom I’ve managed to connect over the last three-plus years, not to mention losing the pictures and videos I’ve uploaded, leaves me feeling a little verklempt. And what if you make a change to Facebook which renders your account completely toothless? Continue reading

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Data Integration and Value Positioning Pair Well

It’s all about the data!

Successful organizations – the ones doing well despite the current economy – are constantly collecting, organizing, classifying and acting on the data that customers are readily providing. The data includes everything from basic contact information to various lifestyle traits and personal habits. Social Media profiles have exploded the amount of personal information available. It’s all out there but it takes work to gather it. It requires time, commitment, feet on the street, networking and phone calls. It takes strategy, research, verification, segmentation, entry, storage and management. Continue reading

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wedu is Making Your Email Marketing Ridiculously Easy and Effective!

Standing out in the sea of brands is becoming more and more difficult every day. wedü’s email template system, üSend, helps you promote your company and your brand. This email-based marketing system provides an extraordinary way to reach your target. … Continue reading

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