On The Science of Virality and the Size of Your World

They studied 6,956 articles from the front page of the New York Times website, and learned something amazing about the kind of content we share and our motivations for sharing it. Hold that thought, we’ll come back to that story. … Continue reading

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Can Digital Advertising Replace ALL Traditional Advertising?

Can digital advertising replace all traditional advertising? Yes! By 99%. That’s my answer. Here’s why: A Brief History of Online Advertising If we think about traditional advertising, the channels include: Television and Radio Broadcast Newspapers and Magazines Billboards and Out-of-Home … Continue reading

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3 Channels All B2B Marketing Plans Should Include!

B2B Marketing, or Business to Business marketing, has transformed drastically over the years. Just as fast as technology changes and develops, so shouldn’t every good B2B marketing plan. Today, thanks to the ever growing and changing world of technology, businesses … Continue reading

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Engagement Drivers Haven’t Changed

Social media may continue to evolve, but frankly – humans don’t. Well, at least not nearly as fast. For years people have heard me say, “Consider the E-Reaction to your posts.” Open any social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, … Continue reading

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The Future of Facebook

Facebook has made yet another change to its look and feel. At this point, the largest social networking site in history has undergone more transformations than Madonna. But is the problem with Facebook related to look, feel and functionality, or … Continue reading

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What is that Brand Doing?

In this ever-changing, constantly moving world it has become increasingly difficult for brands to reach the people they most want to talk to –consumers.  But at the same time it has become ever so easy to reach these people, too – socially. … Continue reading

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wedu public relations

wedu Public Relations Team Helps Mass Utility Shine Light on “Home Lighting Makeover” Contest

Just one more example of the range of our work and how our in-house team of professionals leverages traditional public relations and digital marketing strategy and tactics to achieve client goals. Continue reading

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