How to Remove Spam Bots from Google Analytics – and Keep ‘em Off!

You’re prepping a website report for management and there it is in brazen glory, a spam entry in your top referral sources. If you’re lucky, it’s one of the more ‘safe-for-work’ spam sources. Common Google Analytics referral source spammers include: … Continue reading

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How to Track Goals on a B2B Website

Sometimes the ‘safe’ marketing investment turns out to be a sink. Sometimes there’s untapped potential in a growing traffic source. Knowledge of your own data allows for more informed opinions and offers insights into the effectiveness of your status quo … Continue reading

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Optimizing Analytics for Connected Conversion: A Primer For Successful Touchpoint Engagement

It stands to reason that a marketer’s job is one of the most difficult today; consumer engagement is not even an identifiable relic of its former self. Consumers interact with brands on their own terms and in their own ways. What used to be a straightforward progression of awareness to purchase on the path to purchase continuum has been replaced by an intricate playbook of multiple customer touchpoints with no clear, identifiable sequence for data connection explanation. Awareness is no longer a starting point for such customer analysis, rather it has become the tipping point. Robust analytics now trigger a range of behind-the-curtain actions to better understand the consumer.

In this post, I will show you how you can take learnings from your own analytics efforts to drive deeper engagement with your target audience and positively impact future customer conversion. Continue reading

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How To: Find Google+ Brand Pages Easily Using Google Search

Google+ launched brand pages a few weeks ago and since then scores of businesses of all sizes have set up pages. In fact, 61 of the world’s top 100 businesses have already made their Google+ presence known and have begun marketing to the social platform’s 40 million+ users.

Google has also made it very easy to find Google+ business pages using their flagship search product. Continue reading

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Data Integration and Value Positioning Pair Well

It’s all about the data!

Successful organizations – the ones doing well despite the current economy – are constantly collecting, organizing, classifying and acting on the data that customers are readily providing. The data includes everything from basic contact information to various lifestyle traits and personal habits. Social Media profiles have exploded the amount of personal information available. It’s all out there but it takes work to gather it. It requires time, commitment, feet on the street, networking and phone calls. It takes strategy, research, verification, segmentation, entry, storage and management. Continue reading

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Web Stats 101

Have you read your web statistics lately? They can tell you a lot, especially if you read between the lines. The typical question is how many hits did we get? To set the record straight – don’t look at hits. … Continue reading

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