Survival of the Fittest

‘Content Shock?’ Think ‘Content Darwinism’ and Be Mighty

Social Media Marketing Consultant Mark Schaefer wrote a thought-provoking blog about “content shock” a few months ago, which created quite a buzz in the social media world. Content Shock, according to Schaefer, is the idea that “the emerging marketing epoch … Continue reading

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Wedding bands

Couples Therapy: Brands, Your Agency Has Something Important to Share

Marketing is all about human interaction, between marketer and audience, certainly, but also between agency and client. I’ve spent a little more than half my career on the client side, “managing” agency partners on behalf of organizations of all sizes. … Continue reading

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Facebook announces Paper

ü Oughta Know — Facebook Remarketing, Opportunities with Paper, and Building From the Ground Up

ü Oughta Know is a combination of digital crib notes and marketers’ cheat sheet, bringing you important – and occasionally weird — stories and trends from digital marketing news. Each week our hope is to help keep your knowledge sharp while … Continue reading

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The Growing Need for Digital Marketing

“I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Imagine you’re planning a trip to Europe for next summer. You’re … Continue reading

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Time Travel, People Subscribing to our Advertisements and Other Lies We Shouldn’t Bank our Businesses On

Despite our better knowing, there is something about us that truly wants to believe in a “free energy” machine to solve the world’s problems, or a time travel solution to finally assemble the ultimate “past, present and future” members reunion … Continue reading

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Marketing & Storytelling – Writing the Best Case Studies. Ever.

When she checked in at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, she couldn’t believe she had forgotten her shoes back home! The guest called the online shoe store where she had purchased them and her luck didn’t get better. The online retailer … Continue reading

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On The Science of Virality and the Size of Your World

They studied 6,956 articles from the front page of the New York Times website, and learned something amazing about the kind of content we share and our motivations for sharing it. Hold that thought, we’ll come back to that story. … Continue reading

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