What is that Brand Doing?

In this ever-changing, constantly moving world it has become increasingly difficult for brands to reach the people they most want to talk to –consumers.  But at the same time it has become ever so easy to reach these people, too – socially. … Continue reading

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OK, So Where Are All the foursquare Black Friday Deals???

Last year, part of the Black Friday fun was the Foursquare check-ins. Being able to stop by Sports Authority and get a gift card with a check-in, or head to Z Gallerie and weasel some “free” picture frames with a couple of check-ins, added to the entertainment of the usual Black Friday deals. After all, not everyone knew about them, meaning that you weren’t stuck competing with the masses at an ungodly hour. (We got the Z Gallerie deal last year close to the end of the day, and it was intended for the first five check-ins in the store). Continue reading

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wedu-built Mobile App for College Communications, Quadlyfe, Debuts

QuadLyfe was designed and built by wedü’s creative and digital teams and is aimed at helping college and university administrators and recruiters more easily identify, connect and communicate with potential and current students, parents and alumni. Continue reading

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IPHONE instagram

The 3 Key Components of Building an Instagram Community

Unless your brand is top of mind for the average consumer, Instagram isn’t the easiest network to build a large community on quickly, but the value it offers to your digital marketing campaigns makes it an important tool. The good news is that just about every other marketer out there is up against the same challenges. With knowledge of the tools available and a little creativity, you should be able to build a solid, engaged community for your brand. Continue reading

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Using Responsive Design (or, How to be Trendy and Save Money Doing it)

Responsive design solves the problem of designing websites across the spectrum of platforms available today without the headache of designing and maintaining multiple sites. With mobile computing trending upward, it is essential to have a functional, easy-to-use website no matter what is used to access it. Responsive design is the tight package that allows that to happen organically and without breaking the bank. Continue reading

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Facebook Advertising Case Study: How Creative Use of Sponsored Story News Feed Ads Spiked Engagement

So much can be done to build a page and achieve your digital marketing objectives through the creative use of Facebook advertising. Success comes from knowing what it is you want to accomplish with Facebook advertising, understanding the more advanced features of the various Facebook ad units and developing a comprehensive plan and timetable for how and when you will be using each ad. Continue reading

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3 Jaw-Dropping Digital Marketing Tools Coming to a Campaign Near You

Developments in science and technology are turning interaction design into an ever-wider exploration of complex, multi-sensory experiences. Creatives have to be much more aware of increasingly advanced delivery vehicles for the visuals and narratives we are developing. Continue reading

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