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wedu Project Honored With Multiple Communications Awards

We are proud to announce today that a benefits communication campaign our team helped Fidelity Investments develop for the University of California Financial Fitness Program has been selected by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) as a winner in the Heritage Region Silver Quill 2012. Continue reading

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Print Marketing in a Digital World: Square Peg, Round Hole?

In a world surrounded by digital advertising, social media and technology that changes every day (sometimes multiple times a day) it’s easy to forget the importance of print marketing. What marketers often lose site of is that print marketing is not an alternative to digital, but a strategic partner that, when used in conjunction with a digital component, builds the strongest foundations of any campaign in today’s marketplace. Cross media promotion is a way for marketers to both improve their marketing ROI while also gaining more visibility. Continue reading

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How Brands are Creatively Using Technology to Make Print Advertising More Effective

Since industry estimates now peg the average time a reader spends looking at your ad at 3 to 5 seconds, a successful print campaign now hinges upon eye-catching presentations that are meant to capture and resonate with the audience. Some say that the marketing world has become a tsunami of clutter, but with a little creativity, marketers can cut through that wave and reach their audience. Continue reading

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Augmented Reality: Bringing 3D Virtual Reality to Real World Marketing Campaigns

Over the past year, augmented reality has penetrated the mainstream marketing world- and in a big way. From online commerce to product packaging, augmented reality is being used to give the consumer a very unique and personal experience.

Here is a rundown of how some brands are using augmented reality in more traditional advertising campaigns… Continue reading

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Eenie, Meenie, Miney…How to Choose the Right Agency for your Company

Assuming you have not watched an episode of Mad Men and think that all agencies adhere to the martini breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule, here is little information from an insider’s perspective that should help you in your quest to … Continue reading

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