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New eBook: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business on Pinterest

In this eBook, our Digital Team has created a bunch of “How Tos” that walk you through some of the tactics that have worked for our clients, covering a number of areas of Pinterest marketing from creating a Pinterest page and building your community to driving Pinterest traffic to your website. Continue reading

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facebook marketing ebook

New eBook: Advanced Facebook Tactics to Achieve Optimal Page Reach and Engagement

The creative suggestions in this Facebook ebook combine page posting tricks with a variety of advanced advertising techniques to help you achieve greater reach and a higher level of post participation. Craig has also included a few case studies that will show these strategies in action and some of their results. Continue reading

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Are Some “Digital” Agencies Fooling Their Clients?

The digital realm has renewed the agency model. The truth, digital is not easy and it is not free. It takes hardcore expertise in an ever-expanding number of platforms and environments that are constantly changing. As an agency who has dominated this market for 14 years, we know clients excel when they embrace digital – if they have, as Coke would say, The Real Thing. Continue reading

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Measuring Social Media for Business Intelligence

wedü President and CEO, Sean Owen gave a presentation at today’s “Social Media Bootcamp” at Southern New Hampshire University.

Sean describes the presentation, titled “Social Media Business Intelligence,” as follows:

A review of social media business intelligence and how to use statistics to improve your performance. Presentation highlights custom ratios, complex stat comparisons, and a variety of available tools to help you. Invest your time wisely in Social Media by knowing where your results are truly benefiting your business. Continue reading

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Optimizing Analytics for Connected Conversion: A Primer For Successful Touchpoint Engagement

It stands to reason that a marketer’s job is one of the most difficult today; consumer engagement is not even an identifiable relic of its former self. Consumers interact with brands on their own terms and in their own ways. What used to be a straightforward progression of awareness to purchase on the path to purchase continuum has been replaced by an intricate playbook of multiple customer touchpoints with no clear, identifiable sequence for data connection explanation. Awareness is no longer a starting point for such customer analysis, rather it has become the tipping point. Robust analytics now trigger a range of behind-the-curtain actions to better understand the consumer.

In this post, I will show you how you can take learnings from your own analytics efforts to drive deeper engagement with your target audience and positively impact future customer conversion. Continue reading

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3 Keys to Successful Email Marketing

It’s a common question when we sit down with a new client: “How can I reach my audience?” (Of course, it’s our job to figure that out.) The answer truly depends on the audience they’re trying to reach, but the name of the game is reaching the right people where they are, when they’re ready to take action. This means segmentation, triggered emails and analytics… Continue reading

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Are You a Social Media Influencer?

In the early days of social media (just a few years ago), the amount of followers, friends or fans someone had was the only way to measure their influence over their social media network. Over time, those who were not inclined to embrace the ‘social’ part of social media found ways to boost their counts without really putting in the hard work that it takes to grow a loyal and attentive following. The practice of ‘hoarding’ or ‘collecting’ quickly made follower counts relatively meaningless. So the question became- How do you truly measure your social media influence? Continue reading

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