cirque du soleil booth

wedu and Sunlife Financial Hit the Road with Cirque du Soleil

Check out this booth our Experiential Marketing Team designed and built for SunLife Financial’s Rising Star Program! It’s hitting the road traveling from Washington to Atlanta with Cirque du Soleil through the end of 2012. Continue reading

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How To: Find and Keep the Perfect Brand Ambassador

A vital component of a successful experiential marketing program is a team of quality field staff. With all of the time that goes into planning an event – layout, elements of engagement, creative design and branding, it is equally as … Continue reading

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Event Marketing Summit Recap

Our wedü Loco team had a great experience at the 9th Annual Event Marketing Summit last week in Chicago. Continue reading

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Extending Consumer Engagement: How to Optimize Return from Your Experiential Marketing Spend

For decades now, Consumer Marketers have struggled with the daunting challenge of maintaining customer share of mind and heart long after their live branded experience is over. No matter the scope or length of a campaign, the “buzz” factor wears thin post-event be it a street-team activation, publicity stunt or full-fledged mobile marketing tour.

So how do you strengthen your limited marketing budget to expand upon meaningful dialogue with your consumer target post-experience? Interactive Marketing, that’s how. No, this isn’t a secret, far from it actually. Some of today’s leading marketers have defied the boundaries of the digital space for years. But one thing about their planning is abundantly clear. There is a well-defined digital marketing plan built into their brand-building programs. Continue reading

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Engage Your Clients!

The wedü mantra is ENGAGE! You probably just pictured Captain Jean Luc Picard telling Number 2 to get the Enterprise moving, but no, it’s not a Star Trek reference. Engaging clients is quickly becoming the only way to generate sales. … Continue reading

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