The Benefits of Working With and For a Digital Marketing Agency

Websites and digital marketing are some of the most important parts of a successful business. Companies want to visually “look good” to current and new customers alike. They need well-designed and highly functional websites to showcase what their company does and how well they do it. There are many factors that go into deciding whether a company should go with a freelance web designer or a digital marketing agency, but in the end I have chosen the digital agency. Continue reading

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Are Some “Digital” Agencies Fooling Their Clients?

The digital realm has renewed the agency model. The truth, digital is not easy and it is not free. It takes hardcore expertise in an ever-expanding number of platforms and environments that are constantly changing. As an agency who has dominated this market for 14 years, we know clients excel when they embrace digital – if they have, as Coke would say, The Real Thing. Continue reading

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business benefits website redesign

wedu Launches New Website for CGI Business Solutions

wedü worked to develop a more intuitive website for CGI clients while incorporating a new, modern look and feel and robust content management system. Continue reading

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Using Responsive Design (or, How to be Trendy and Save Money Doing it)

Responsive design solves the problem of designing websites across the spectrum of platforms available today without the headache of designing and maintaining multiple sites. With mobile computing trending upward, it is essential to have a functional, easy-to-use website no matter what is used to access it. Responsive design is the tight package that allows that to happen organically and without breaking the bank. Continue reading

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Architecting Websites: Leveraging the MVC Model to Achieve Modifiability

Separating content from how it is presented has been a mantra in the web world for well over a decade, and with the myriad of media now available for consuming content, the advantages of this are even more apparent. Web application developers long-ago adopted the Model-View-Controller (MVC) methodology from the software engineering world. Today nearly every website is data driven and incorporates user-defined interactions, and the MVC model is more important than ever in web development. Continue reading

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2012: The Year Super Bowl Advertisers Truly Embrace Digital

It is clear that many of the major Super Bowl advertisers are beginning to understand the power of infusing digital into an event-based activation like a Super Bowl. They are seeing the value in using a piece of their in-event promotional activities to bring their audience online and create a channel in which they will be able to market to that audience, and continue to provide value, well after the final whistle blows. Continue reading

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wedü Launches Website for New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority

wedü today announced its role in the recent launch of the Go New Hampshire Housing website ( for the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority. wedü was tapped to develop an easy-to-use, online resource to help first-time homebuyers navigate through the buying process. Continue reading

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